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Paul Jr. Designs, Veteran’s Memorial Park – Montgomery, NY

Cre8Play teamed up with Paul Jr. Designs of American Choppers (Discovery Channel) and created one of our most unique projects to date. What started out as a bike build turned, quickly turned into a playground for Paul Jr.’s hometown of Montgomery, NY. We brought ‘the show’ to NRPA Expo 2012 and Discovery Channel was there to film. Sheets covered our entire exhibit and attendees waited in anticipation. Sheets were pulled to reveal the entire play environment which incorporates elements from his three most popular bikes, Anti-Venom, Black Widow, and the Build-Off bike. It is now being enjoyed by the Village of Montgomery, NY!

“The designs Todd and his team at Cre8Play come up with are raw and completely unique.                                                   They shatter the predictable playground mold.”   — Paul Jr.