We start by asking a ton of questions. We’re visual junkies and ask customers to send us everything from images and pictures to textures and dirt…anything to help us understand the vision. We pride ourselves on truly original concepts. Our work is completely transparent so our customers can see progress and help tweak along the way. Customers appreciate being involved and often experience an unusual amount of fun. Fair warning.


From there our talented team of designers will bring ideas to life through artistic concept sketches, 3-dimensional renderings and CAD drawings. Next, our design engineers create structural designs with a focus on the precision needed for fabrication. All play environments and structures are designed to meet national and state level guidelines, universally accessible and ADA guidelines.


Play environments and sculptures are made through a combination of materials including concrete, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), steel, sculpting epoxy, composite wood and various plastics. The largest percentage our our material in any one product or environment is GFRC and we choose it because we know it is the most durable material in the industry. Our materials are selected by how well they stand up to the toughest of conditions and as a result, our products are virtually indestructible. In addition to selecting materials that will last for decades to come, we feel a responsibility to select materials that can be repurposed down the road.

Our team selects the right mix of materials to reflect our client’s vision whether it be whimsical, realism or anything in between. All structures are designed and built, from scratch, under one roof.


Cre8Play structures and sculptures are carefully loaded and shipped to the install site. Architects, designers, city planners and our customers (the kids) have come to trust and appreciate the level of detail and care Cre8Play offers from start to finish.  We build universally accessible and inclusive alternate realities. View our custom play section to see all of our projects!