Our Philosophy and Design Process

Our Process and how we Do...

Was it an art project by your 1st grader? Or, maybe an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon? Regardless of the inspiration for your idea, we know it's a good one. We'll work with you from any stage whether you have a napkin sketch or a landscape architect's rendering.

We've got the drive, passion, and the skills to turn your idea into a reality – and that, will make you look like a Rockstar!


Strategy & Vision

Our goal is to help you reach your goal. We work with customers at all phases. Some approach us with developed designs and plans, while others only with only an idea, "We like spaceships." Our experienced team will develop a strategic plan based on your individual budget and timeline. No project is too small or too large.


Concept Development

Whether you have a napkin sketch or a professional rendering, we're ready to collaborate. We're a small-ish studio and pride ourselves on carefully selecting top-talent. Our team has a combined 80+ years of experience and will work with you on a design that will be original to the core. As an independent company, we can ensure that the same Cre8Play team will work with you from concept to installation.


Schematic Design

Our experienced designers will put together professional and detailed renderings. Our philosophy is to work transparently throughout the phases as we share renderings and design ideas through photos and more along the way. We tailor your update schedule to loop you in as much or as little as you like.


Design Engineering

This is the part where we make sure our designs are buildable and meet all standards. We have some of the top design engineers in the industry and they go to every length to ensure designs meet age, safety, ADA, state, and federal standards and regulations.



Our design studio and manufacturing are under the same roof. We've learned that this advantage brings our teams together and helps us stay close to our work. We'll provide you with photo and video updates along the way. Our customers appreciate this personalized experience.



This is the part that we all love– when the vision becomes a reality and jaws drop! Our Cre8ers will make sure that your experience is amazing all the way through installation and beyond.

Parks and Rec Professionals

Our play environments and products are designed to bring a more immersive and engaging experience to the parks and recreation industry. We apply our immersive design technique to everything we cre8, from our inclusive playgrounds to products, site amenities and individual pieces. Our passion is to break the mold of traditional play. Kids notice. Adults notice. Communities notice.

We’ve worked with Parks and Recreation Professionals around the world by helping them at any stage in the development of their project. We collaborate with Parks and Recreation departments, Parks Facilities Directors, Managers, City Planners as well as any Contractors and Landscape Architects they bring on board. Our experienced and passionate group enjoys taking customers through an invigor8ing experience.

Landscape Architects

Our play environments and products are designed to bring an immersive experience to municipalities, communities, hospitals, malls, sports-plexes, parks, child-care facilities and more. All of our design, engineering and manufacturing is done in-house under one roof and the designers you begin working with will see you through to the end— no other commercial playground manufacturer can offer that. We've worked with Landscape Architects from around the country at every stage.

We apply our immersive design technique to everything we cre8, from our inclusive play environments all the way to our site amenities and individual pieces. We are a true custom design firm as opposed to a post and deck playground manufacturer with an add-on custom division. Immensely passionate about original design, we believe every project has it’s own unique voice. Our goal is to break the mold of traditional play and landscape architects see that when they work with us. We’ll take you through an invigor8ing and eye opening experience. We’re different like that.

Industrial playground

Taking Inclusive, Multigenerational and Immersive to a Whole‑nother‑level!

Play Sculptures

Sometimes the only thing missing is a little bit of character. Perhaps it's just one original sculpture, one climber, or one public art piece that will take your environment from stale to stand-out. Our sculptures are built to withstand the test of time, and appreciated by kids, adults and dogs– yes, dogs are big fans too.

Beach playground
Play Products

We're design-detail freaks who take durability very seriously. Our materials are selected for their ability to withstand extreme elements. Our proprietary blend of GFRC allows us to achieve an unparalleled realistic look and incredible detail. The difference is seen up close and personal. Kids notice, adults notice and communities notice.

Full Environments

We are an experiences over all things type of company. This, that, and the other thing, sure. But at the end of the day, it's the experience that matters most. And it better be nothing short of amazing.

Outdoor playground design

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