We Are Cre8Play

We do things differently. We’re a mixed bag of quirky, flipflop-wearing, scooter-riding creative types who challenge the status quo. Our passion stems from art and originality and we feel a combination of the two is how we break through the clutter. Each project is its own, and deserves to take root and grow in its own way.

Our original approach is what sets us apart. We dig in, do our research, visit the site, and might even smell the soil(yea, we’re a bit weird). We have a small-ish team and our products and projects are designed and built under one roof– this allows us to stay very close to our work.

Some say we’re in the playground industry, but we like to think we’re in the experiences industry. People enjoy working with us because we design like we give a damn.

We Believe In

The Kids

At the end of the day, it's about the kids who inspire us to do what we do. Don't feel left out– you adults get some cred. But the kids keep us on our toes and push us to explore new possibilities to forward design.


It's original, or it's not. Design that is truly original comes when you hire talent who is truly original. We hire better. We do original better.

Immersive Design

We rarely use the "P" word. A playground, or ground on which you play– doesn't really describe what we do. Our method is to design experiences that immerse children into a world of play.


When the experience is considered, excellent design grows naturally. Cre8Play has designed for small parks, hospital waiting rooms, park trails, offices, museums and more.

Inclusive Design

Our designs go far beyond ADA standards. We believe the best play design creates interactions between those with and without disabilities. Kids want to play with other kids, period.

Multigenerational Play

Everyone enjoys play. Our designs are enjoyed by kids from 1-101 years of age.

Want to Know About Our Philosophy and Design Process?

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Some of our Customers

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