Playground treehouse
Silo playground
Custom Playground Equipment
Bus slide
Ant hill sculpture
Playground suspension bridge
Industrial playground

It's either original, or it's not.

Our passion stems from art and originality– a combination of the two is how we break through the clutter.

Custom Play

The possibilities are endless. We welcome those "crazy" ideas.


It has to be original. A Cre8Play environment is original down to every last detail, every single time. Our standards are pretty high– no apologies.

Play Sculpture

Sometimes all a space needs is a little bit of character. Jaw-dropping play sculptures that will take your space from standard to Stand-Out.


We're an experiences-over-all type of group. From a hospital waiting room to a nature path, the experience is what we're after.

Other Awesomeness

We love those "crazy" requests that take us outside our comfort zone. You bring your challenge, and we'll bring our can-do.

Entrata Bus

Not sure what will work best? Reach out!

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