Southern Maryland News – Dunkirk has a new place to play

Oct 14, 2021

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Dunkirk District Playground in the News

We are thrilled to see how the community has embraced Dunkirk District Park! A large portion of Calvert County, MD weighed in on on the parks inclusions. A lot of great people came together to complete a lot of great work with this play environment. We’d like to acknowledge the the thoughtfulness and dedication by our rep PlaySpec in Thurmont, MD!

Cre8Play’s contribution to this interactive design/build was the W.B. Tenison(bugeye) modeled after the working vessel built in 1899 and converted to an oyster-buy-boat in 1906–07. With the conversion, the sail rig was removed and an engine inserted– the only surviving example of this conversion. The Tenison is a historical landmark, reputed to be the second oldest licensed passenger vessel in the United States. News story and photos below.


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