Top 5 Park Refreshers

Mar 31, 2019

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Top 5 Park Refreshers

Improving traffic to parks can seem like a daunting task but does it have to be? A refresh doesn’t have to snowball into a complete renovation! We’ve put together a list of ways to give your park a makeover without breaking the bank this spring. Page down for cost-effective ways to spruce up your space and bring the community back to your parks!


1) New Signage / Entrance Feature

It’s true what they say, first impressions are everything! Your park entrance is your first chance at welcoming your guests, your first chance at “Hello.”





It’s the first thing people see and typically the last thing considered. And sometimes, the entrance is overlooked all together. A unique entrance is an affordable way to breath life into any park or playground!



Whether big or small, new signage or an entrance feature is a cost-effective solution to spruce up a space and attract residents.


2) A Themed Play Sculpture

Stuck with the same ole’ play equipment for years(or more)? A Play Sculpture is a great way to spruce up any space! Add a fish with rod & reel, a ladybug, a frog and more. Watch as kids’ eyes light up!



The possibilities are endless. We offer custom pieces as well as original products!!

3) A Unique Bench



One single unique bench, or a configuration of benches will transform any boring space. Seating increases park visit duration and revisit rates! Add a bench or two and give your park a leg-up!


4) An Element of Surprise



An element of surprise will rejuvenate any space! There are no rules here; you don’t have to stick within your theme and can be as adventurous as you want! Kids LOVE the unexpected! Add a baseball bat balance beam to your nature themed park, or frog steppers to your baseball themed park!


5) Subtle Spray



Water play doesn’t have to mean water park! We’ve found a cost-effective way to add spray or mist to any playground piece that will provide just as much fun when the water is disabled in cooler months.

email us to find out other cost-effective ways to spruce up your park!



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