Ice Age Floods Playground

An anomaly all the way to the anemometer! Yep– this one-of-a-kind play tower has everything from multi-access net climbers and illusion panels to a uniquely designed anemometer at the very top to measure wind speed and direction! (see the video on our YouTube channel) This massive tower is the latest addition to Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA and it was designed to resemble the columnar basalt and the unique geology found throughout the region formed by Ice Age floods.

Overlooking the beautiful Spokane river and downtown Spokane, WA, this 40 foot+ tower is one of the largest we’ve designed and built to date! Other interactive elements include telescopes, a bell, a spinning mirror, custom net climbers, an 30-degree lean-out, multiple slides and a search and discovery activity that sends climbers throughout the tower. This multigenerational tower is extra spacious for kids and adults at any height.


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