Apollo Lunar Rover Replica: STEM Festival

Nov 21, 2019

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Cre8Play was commissioned to build a Lunar Rover replica for Kent, WA, home of the Boeing designed and built Apollo Lunar Rover. Check out the big reveal at the  STEM Festival and how Kent is committed to celebrating its’ rich history in space exploration.


(unveiling of Apollo Lunar Rover replica – designed and built by Cre8Play)

Boeing workers past and present, including lunar rover alumni, beamed as the public soaked in the sight of the vehicle.

“It’s a real moment of pride for me, not only being an employee of Boeing but also a Kent resident,” said Boeing corporate historian Michael Lombardi. “This generation will be able to see what I knew growing up here … that the people I lived next door to would go down the hill to Boeing, and they did something amazing.

Get the Kent Reporter article Here.

(Kent’s Charlie Martin, 84(seated left) was a Boeing aerospace technician who

worked on the lunar rover for the Apollo program)


(Cre8Play also designed and built this Astronaut Photo-Op )


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